Lineage 2 Essence

Lineage 2 Essence

Aztacan's temple

Crush a vast scaled army

Immerse yourself in the alternative version of the legendary Lineage 2! Here you don’t depend on others and are free to explore Elmoreden even by yourself. Play with ease, don’t waste time on grinding and do only what you enjoy the most.

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New Session Zone
Aztacan's Temple is a mystical place ruled by a fierce lizard tribe. Their leader Aztacan bears a grudge against people for their cruelty towards lizardmen, so no hearty welcome awaits you in his dwelling. Adventurers of Lv. 60 and higher can test their strength against Aztacan once a day.
Are you ready for a vicious battle?
Defeating the new boss will be rewarded with powerful equipment — Aztacan's Oracle Scepter and Aztacan's Earring.

What else is new

Special Equipment
New armor added in this update has special abilities: Berserker's Sigil increases your attack power, while Berserker's Shield strengthens your defenses. Also, take note of new jewels — Ruby and Diamond, which boost your attack and defense stats.
Cunning companion
Welcome a new pet! From now on you can hit the road accompanied by a fox. The creature's abilities fully reflect its nature: the Leap Rush skill allows the pet to close the gap to a target on attack, while the Charm decreases the enemy's attack power.
New Rewards
From now on, when you reach Lv. 93-95, you will get nice bonuses including reduced teleportation time and stat boost, as well as valuable items — a Lv. 5 doll, a +10 talisman and Ring of Eternity.

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