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Interactions in PvE


Interactions in PvP

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lineage 2

Watch Your Back
Step into the immense universe of cult MMORPG Lineage 2 and challenge other players in heated battles between entire servers!
Roguish Perfection
Meet a brand new version of masters of daggers and sudden attacks. All four Othell Rogue classes have received new skills, and some of their old abilities have been reworked. Now these Rogues' strikes will never miss no matter where they are coming from. Also, their attacks can be enhanced by a new effect called Perfection.
Othell Adventurer
Now Humans Rogues can do more than masterfully dressing their wounds and managing acid bottles. Their new skill, Gash, weakens an enemy and increases their received damage.
Othell Wind Rider
Othell Ghost Hunter
Othell Fortune Seeker
Free for New Deeds
Your old enemies have become even stronger, and new ones have appeared! Try your hand in brutal team battles.
Powerful Fire Dragon
The legendary dragon bosses are famous all throughout the Lineage 2 world. Among them is the Fire Dragon, Valakas, who has become an even bigger threat in this update. You can get to his lair only as a part of a command channel of 49+ adventurers. The boss spawns every 11-17 days, so you'll have to be always on alert if you wish to get to his treasures.
Spirit Seal Dungeon
A new instance zone for adventurers of Lv. 112+. Gather your comrades to a command channel of at least 21 characters to challenge four spirit rulers. Each of the bosses commands one of the elements, and defeating them will be no easy feat! The dungeon is only available once a week, so each raid will count.
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